Luxury bed for dog or cat Zebra

Luxury bed for dog or cat Zebra


S 52x52cm

M 53x50cm

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If you are looking for top quality products that will provide complete comfort for your four-legged friend and at the same time attract attention with a stylish yet original look, be sure to check out the accessories from the Zebra Collection. The bed for a dog or cat from this collection is distinguished by an impressive zebra pattern, which will make the bed perfectly present as an interesting addition to the room. Universal black and white color scheme is a timeless classic perfect for both followers of minimalist and luxurious interiors. The bedding is made of extremely soft, velvet fabric, which will provide maximum comfort to the pet during his sleep and rest. The material, although soft to the touch, is characterized by increased water resistance and durability, thanks to which you will stop worrying about scratches, and your pet will be able to enjoy your favorite lair for a long time. In addition to a couch for a dog or cat, this collection includes harnesses, leashes, toy baskets and waste bags.

Key features of the Zebra Collection dog or cat bed:

exotic zebra pattern and stylish black and white color scheme

bedding made of extremely soft and pleasant to the touch velvet fabric

durable and waterproof material using Pet Proof and Cleanaboo technologies to prevent rubbing, scratching and dirt

soft removable pillow for easy cleaning of the bed

comfortable mattress made of orthopedic foam, which adapts to the body of the four-legged and takes care of its healthy sleep

included with bed two small double-sided star-shaped pillows

bedding cover for transport and storage

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